Australian Chocolate Farm Shannonvale

Chocolate Farm Tours

From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar

Where does chocolate come from? How is it made?

Join us on a guided interactive tour through our Australian tropical cocoa plantation in beautiful Shannonvale only 15mins from Port Douglas or Mossman.

Learn • Taste • Experience


The Australian Chocolate Farm Tours

Visit our Australian tropical cocoa plantation and learn the in-depth process on how cocoa beans are turned into delicious CHOCOLATE!

What to Expect

Our Story

Our tour begins with a short introduction of our journey on how we began growing cocoa trees and making our own award-winning chocolate here in tropical North Queensland.

Guided Farm Walk

Enjoy a guided walk through the “Little Farm”, our smaller plantation, to learn about the cocoa tree itself, planting, maintenance, harvesting and how the cocoa grows in our plantation.

This area is all grass and an easy walk for approximately 100 mtrs.

Cocoa to Chocolate Demonstration

Relax in the shade of our 'Cocoa Hut' as your tour guide discusses and demonstrates the in-depth process on how the cocoa bean is made into delicious chocolate.

Cocoa Bean

Cocoa Beans

We will open a cocoa pod to see how the beans grow, what they look like in a raw state and experience the first part of processing. The cocoa bean has a long journey before it is yummy chocolate.


Chocolate Tastings

The best part of the tour!

We can’t let you go without a “chocolate tasting” of course.

You'll have the opportunity to try four samples, including -

  • Our award winning “World Silver” 85% Dark
  • Our "Bronze” 62% Dark Milk. International Chocolate Awards
  • “Gold Medal” Lemon Myrtle, Dark Milk. Sydney Fine Food Fair
  • All Australian 58% Milk with the Uniquely Australian flavour of Wattleseed.


Australian chocolate

Chocolate to go...

 As a “Thank You” from us,
Darryl has made you a delicious treat to take home.